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Heat Pump FAQs

What heat pump is right for you?

Upgrade Your Heating & Cooling Systems in Mount Pearl

Maintaining your home’s comfort level takes more than control of the temperature. You want a heating and cooling system that also positively impacts the overall air quality in your living space. At True Comfort, we provide great products that not only provide energy-efficient heating and cooling, but ensure the air quality in your home stays fresh and healthy.


We sell and repair the following:

  • Heat pumps

  • Mini-split

  • Air-to-water

  • Air-to-air

  • Inverters

  • In-floor heating

  • Air conditioning


When it comes to providing our customers with quality systems, True Comfort depends on the following suppliers:

NL Power Financing for Heat Pumps

To qualify for Newfoundland Power financing for your heat pump, you must first obtain a quote from True Comfort for the purchase and installation of a new heat pump. Then you must contact Newfoundland Power and provide the quoted amount to start your application. NL Power will check your credit history, as well as run an external credit check. If the results are acceptable, you will receive an approval number. Contact True Comfort with your approval number to proceed. NL Power will pay the purchase and installation costs directly to True Comfort and bill you monthly on your power bill for a term up to 60 months.

Reduce your energy bill and contact True Comfort in Mount Pearl today. We can provide you with an in-home consultation to help you find the heating and cooling system that’s right for you.

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